Our metal print making process results in art work of exceptional clarity and beauty. Why metal art? Metal art saves about 70% of the cost because you avoid using a mat or cover with glasswork to protect. These materials are providing the most long-lasting durable preservation option in the print industry.

Metal prints are guaranteed much longer for their archival quality and resistance to the elements, from sun, rain, heat. Also metal is definitely recyclable with the lowest energy expenditure to do it.

Metal prints reveal more detail with greater clarity and illumination than any other medium. Our process uses a vapor process which heats the metal with our special paper through pressure. The pores of the metal actually open up to accept the image directly onto the metal beneath the metal substrate itself.

Our large pieces have 3/4 to 1 1/2 inch metal frames upon which to attach the metal with our special adhesive with powerful bonding qualities. Smaller works use a metal hanger on the back for easy hanging. So your piece is ready to hang when you take it home, light, bright and ready to go.

Simply wipe the piece clean with a microfiber cloth, a little windex, alcohol or light soap will clean it easily.

Our art has two main categories: Poppies, Flowers and Abstract. Depending on your aesthetics you can find many fun ideas for different areas of your home. Remember positioning these pieces in a bathroom or lanai, porch or kitchen is not a problem!

Due to the recent cancellation of our art festivals where we usually exhibit our work, we have put everything online now. We can’t promise when you can view our new creations at the fine art shows we attend although we are excited for that arrival. These examples or pieces similar are currently available. We will be adding more as we are able. You can message us to check on available work on the Contact Page. We can send you pictures. Be sure to send us your size requirements. Our size pieces are usually 5×19, 8×30, 20×30, 24×60, 40×40 and 40×60. There are some variations.

Here is the inventory of our available art we call Vitrene. Many are in groups for your convenient viewing. Enjoy the gallery of our work and be sure to message us through the contact page. Thanks so much for your interest in Vitrene!

Here is a slide show of our available pieces in large sizes 40”x60”x1.75”. Some as you see can be hung horizontally if your space requires it. Also our 5”x19” Flower designs are here-our latest with variations.

Check individual pages on our Menu for groupings and designs.