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Let’s Start our Morning Right

This is Boston Mills weekend for exhibiting. How do artists maintain an exercise plan while traveling and doing shows?

We scope out places to walk for our walking regimen. Some areas are not conducive to walk but here in Ohio the large area next to the resort has a pedestrian walkway. It was perfect to get two laps in and walk one half hour.

We shared series we are watching: Bruce The Last Kingdom, Christine Case Histories. It kept us entertained and the time went by quickly. We are each other’s best source of amusement, no kidding!

Now feeling energized we make breakfast and prepare for our first full day of sales at Boston Mills. Cooler weather is here and I feel so happy for it!

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Moving on from a Difficult Time

On April 12 our life was turned upside down as Bruce experienced heart failure while driving our motor home to the Delray Affair. Our motor home crashed, Bruce was resuscitated with very expert health professionals and admitted to Bethesda Memorial Hospital where he was treated with hypothermia protocol. After several days he regained consciousness and eventually received a pacemaker/defib. So happy to see him open his eyes and start asking questions like: ” why am I here?”

During that time due to the airbags and seat belts saving me, while bruising me, I received a fractured wrist and contusions from the crash. Since that time I have been looking after Bruce as best I can praying he would recover. I have mild PTSD from the accident as I witnessed Bruce flat line twice and experienced the motor home hitting four cars, a lamppost and a tree. I am so thankful no one was injured in this scary event.

Because of the wonderful support of family and friends, caring individuals who visited us in the hospital, family who helped with accident details recovering our possessions from the totaled vehicle, and the love of the Almighty, we are slowly recovering at our home in Micanopy.

Bruce is diligently participating in cardiac rehab and recommends everyone take care of their health. He is making remarkable progress and can begin working again soon. It is peaceful here and very conducive to getting our life back, reclaiming our health.

As we ease back to creating our art again we will continue to travel and exhibit later this summer. Our revised schedule is on the 2018 Exhibits page. We had to cancel two months of our shows and are going to give it a go in July. Please check the schedule as we want to see our friends once again wherever we find them!


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News about Bruce and Christine


Dear friends of Vitrene,

Bruce and Christine were in a serious vehicle accident when Bruce suffered a heart attack. Currently, their website is not able to accept orders.

There has been a go fund me site set up to help them with expenses as Bruce is in critical care four hours from home. If you would like to assist them in what looks like a very long slow recovery you can use this link:

They truly will appreciate your kindness at this difficult time as Bruce hopefully moves out of ICU into rehab recovery.

We will all look forward to the time when they are back making their beautiful art once again.


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Nightlight and Coaster Sets now available

Our website is now functioning for purchase of our glass nightlights and ceramic coasters.

Choose from a variety of designs for a set of four coasters.

Each coaster can be displayed before and after use for an attractive lively little painting on your table.

Place it on an easel if you wish!

 The stunning nightlights of glass and color are priced for the perfect gift item or spoil yourself with a new pop of color for that dark boring wall.

You will love these original paintings for yourself or others if you haven’t already!

Be sure to check out all the items for sale on the SHOP page.  Questions about our work?  Submit your question on the contact form!

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Nightlight Pictures Available


Most of our Nightlight examples are now available for viewing on the Nightlight page. After the Sarasota Art Festival we are out of some items for viewing.

Here are some of our Nightlights that will be available on our website soon:

Three Poppy Raku, Two Sunflower, Iris a Dancing, Gray Cat, Cat in Basket, Blue Abstract, and a few others.

All of our nightlight are created by both Bruce and Christine and take several days to bring each one to the market. Please be patient with the process!

We are excited to be able to offer them from our website which has become such a popular way to shop. We always hope you shop on site at the festivals ( it saves shipping costs and time away from creating).

We understand that sometimes you just don’t know or need more time to decide. It will always take a little time to ship out the item so please consider that when placing your order.

We appreciate your enthusiasm for our Nightlights and hope the one you want is available for you to purchase! Please see the contact page to get in touch!