Vitrene is really the story about Bruce and Christine. Many years ago they met, formed an artist alliance as well as a marriage, two wonderful children with three grandchildren now, in the ceramic world as potters and artists.

Over their professional career spanning 40 + years their works of art have exhibited in national fine art festivals throughout the South and Midwest. Their unique blend of technical skills with artistic expression has won them numerous awards and patrons.

Currently their interests are in metal mediums utilizing their skills from the ceramic world into the digital. Through unique processes they have developed over the last two years the art they call Vitrene has been born.

Continuing to exhibit in Fine Art Fairs throughout the country, you can visit their booth for the best collections of Vitrene. Their schedule for this year’s tour is found in the menu.

If you are unable to find them in your community, this website will help you to connect. While not an extensive representation of their work, it will in fact give you a taste of the what they are up to and how you can find out more!